Agriculture was Top Dog at Croc Pitch 2023

This year we witnessed an historic turn of events at Croc Pitch. For the first time in the competition’s history, not one, but three agricultural companies emerged as winners. In addition to Agricultural Robotics, sharing the stage were Eden Towers and Aus North Trading. This success shows how technology is growing the future of food in exciting ways.

We recommend Darwin Innovation Hub

Behind every success is a story of people working together. For Territorians, the Darwin Innovation Hub is like a coach that helps people with good ideas. They played a key part in linking Agricultural Robotics to the Paspalis Innovation Investment Fund. They offer advice, resources, and support unique to Northern Australia. This teamwork turned challenges into chances to learn and grow.

With the Croc Pitch trophy in hand, Agricultural Robotics wants to give a big thanks to the Darwin Innovation Hub. From early engagement through to winning the competition, DIH was there every step of the way.

Looking Forward to the Future of Farming

Technology and farming go together – agriculture is a complex modern industry. Niceforo Farms are early adopters, but we see NT farmers investing in themselves and their properties, growing their businesses with ag-tech.

Daniel Niceforo, Director of Niceforo Farms

This big win at Croc Pitch is not just about our project. It’s about making farming better for everyone. Mixing new technology with practiced farming methods is a great way to fix the hard things about farming today. With help from places like the Darwin Innovation Hub, locals can look to get the support for innovative ways to solve regional / industry level problems.

As we celebrate this big moment, we also look ahead to the exciting things that will happen next for Agricultural Robotics. When smart ideas meet practical supporters like the Darwin Innovation Hub, change is on the way.

The win of Agricultural Robotics at Croc Pitch 2023 is like a cheer for farmers in the North. Let’s not forget to give a high-five to the Darwin Innovation Hub for being a big part of this success. When people team up to get tech fit for use and out to farmers sooner, the future of farming looks closer than ever.


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