About Us

Agricultural Robotics is due to enter market as an advanced technology retailer for the wider ag-sector in 2025. The planned base of operations is Rockhampton, in sunny Queensland.

Intellectual Property

IP is codified in two Innovation patents, ‘Method and apparatus for estimating tree fruit load and harvesting time’ (Walsh, 2021a), and ‘Apparatus for harvesting fruit’ (Walsh, 2021b). The former patent is on the process of forecasting harvest fruit load from a synthesis of inputs, while the latter patent covers the arm array technique used in the current harvester design. Novelty also exists in data (a large data set of images from multiple orchards, growing districts, seasons and cultivar) which underpins successful training of deep learning models), and the combined function of flower detection and count by development stage, fruit detection, tracking and count within a farm management information system that displays results per block.