At Agricultural Robotics, our team is driven by a passion for sustainable agriculture and a commitment to leveraging cutting-edge tech to address the challenges faced by industry.

With expertise in robotics, artificial intelligence, and agritech, this spinout from Queensland engineering firm Freelance Robotics looks to bring to market a range of advanced robotic solutions.

The Orion suite of technology is our landmark range. Designed to work with mango growers, we look to optimize the mango harvest – improving efficiency and resource planning with accurate crop forecasting as well as an automated the harvest. Our focus is collaboration – working with growers, agronomists, and industry experts to develop solutions that address the specific needs of industry, improving resource management, and managing environmental impact.

Through these new-to-market products, Orion aims to empower growers to optimize their operations, reduce costs, and increase profitability. By combining the precision and efficiency of robotics with the knowledge and experience of growers, we believe in creating a more sustainable and productive future for the mango industry.

Our dream team consists of highly skilled engineers, data scientists, and agricultural experts who are driven by a shared vision to transform farming through robotics. We are passionate about pushing the boundaries of technology to create innovative solutions that make a tangible difference in the lives of farmers and the future of agriculture.

At Agricultural Robotics, our mission is to empower growers. We bring autonomous and intelligent machines on farm that can perform tasks with precision, reduce labour requirements, and enhance overall productivity. Join us on the Journey