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In the ever-evolving world of agriculture, technological advancements reshape our farming practices. Australian mango growers are now on the cusp of a transformative era as Freelance Robotics, a Queensland company that specialises in bridging the gap between R&D and products, is set to commercialize a groundbreaking technology specifically designed for the mango harvest cycle.

The Orion Orchard Imager has been developed through Central Queensland University with the pioneering work of Professor Kerry Walsh and his team. This system has been successfully trialled with mango growers in prior seasons. Research and industry now pull together to get a great product into the market with the support of AusIndustry.

Freelance Robotics look to support mango growers with fit for use smart technology and innovation that works across regional and remote locations. Hearing growers’ feedback, their team look to expand the technology to improve agronomy and also introduce the auto harvester system in the coming seasons.

Good work is underway! Embrace the 4th Industrial Revolution, with Freelance Robotics.

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