🌱🤖 Shining a Spotlight on Innovation! Blue Dragon Framework, the ground breaking industrial automation system developed by Freelance Robotics, is featured this month on machine vision tech leader Zivid‘s webinar series.

The Blue Dragon Framework represents a leap forward in industrial robotics technology, offering precision and efficiency in automated industrial welding operations. See it in action on Universal Robots UR10e.

Register for the 28 February event online.

Freelance Robotics’ commitment to excellence shines through in every aspect of the Blue Dragon Framework. From its robust design to its seamless integration with existing systems, this product sets a new standard for fabrication and robotics. We’re proud to stand with Freelance Robotics and support their mission to drive Australian innovation in industry.

Congratulations to Freelance Robotics on the remarkable success of the Blue Dragon Framework! We look forward to continuing our partnership and exploring new frontiers in agricultural robotics. #Robotics#Innovation#FreelanceRobotics#BlueDragonFramework#Zivid#Welding

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