Excited to Announce… Agricultural Robotics has won Croc Pitch 2023 for an astounding $1 million in venture capital funding. This success for the world first mango auto harvester represents a major milestone in getting ag-tech to growers sooner.

#CrocPitch 2023 was held at the Developing Northern Australia Conference, thanks to the PASPALIS private innovation investment fund #PIIF with the Darwin Innovation Hub.

At the event, the vision to revolutionise mango forecasting and harvesting garnered significant recognition, validating our talented team’s hard work and dedication. At the core of this innovation lies a commitment to¬†#mango¬†harvest reliability and safety – offsetting critical labour shortages and addressing food waste. We believe this technology will drive economic growth and create a strong positive impact on the mango industry.

Our success at Croc Pitch 2023 and the substantial investment from PIIF will undoubtedly propel the commercialisation of this new-to-market product. We are excited to partner with stakeholders who share our passion for innovation and sustainability in Northern Australia.

A heartfelt thank you to our fantastic team, who worked to refine the Pitch, which our Founding Director Dr Amanda White was so proud to present on the day, as well as to the organisers and attendees of Croc Pitch 2023 for providing the platform to showcase our vision.

It was also amazing to be a finalist with such great competitors!
GeoNadirPlayground123Water LedgerEcoSystem FarmsbluefliteEden TowersHon. Willem Westra van Holthe

We are open to collaboration and conversation with like-minded individuals and organisations that seek to transform the agricultural landscape. Together, we can make a fruitful tomorrow.

Read all about it at the Darwin Innovation Hub.

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